9 hacks to pick the best new year party

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New year 2016 is almost here and people are going gaga over picking the best party in town, and if you wish to have a memorable new year’s eve celebration too, here are a few hacks that you could use it to pick the best new year party  in your city this new year’s eve.


You sure do not want to spend your new year’s eve struggling to get through the pool of traffic do you? So, pick a new year party venue that is close to the place you stay/work. This way it would be easy for you to commute and reach the party on time without losing your cool in the traffic.

Pick an event that has proper arrangements made for parking, so that you do not have to walk a mile to get into the venue. However, the best pick would be an event that offers valet parking services, so that you can get to enjoying the event right away, instead of spending time in the parking lot.

Drive/Cab service:
Risking your life and that of others by getting behind the wheel after a few drinks is not a great idea, but so is it to not enjoy a few shots with your friends as you ring in the new year.So, why not get someone sober to drive you back home? Would it not be amazing, well, that’s why there are many new year parties that offer a driver service and/or a cab drop service, which the guests could utilise after the new year bash to make sure you reach home safe.

Parties with a stay package:
If you or one of your friends pass out and cannot be taken home, would it not be ideal to stay back and rest until dawn at the venue? New year parties in resorts mostly tend to offer a new year special stay package, which the guest can utilise and check out post a new year special brunch. So, why not opt to wake up in the lap of luxury on the first day of the new year rather than the mundane of your home.


Best new year party 2016
Make sure your new year’s eve party does not seem like just any other weekend bash with your friends. To ensure that the year-end party remains as a memory you cherish, there are many new year events that are organized with offbeat themes like the Masquerade ball, black and white, black-light party, Angels and Demons theme, etc., that will be the icing on the cake to your new year’s eve celebrations with family and friends.

Early bird:
Do not spend a bomb for a new year party. So, what’s the way out? Well, most of the new year parties offer a special early bird prices that let you experience the fun of an amazing party at a pocket-friendly price. Pick the new year party you wish to attend around the second or third week of December, and you are sure to strike the perfect deal.

Group bookings:
There is no fun in partying alone, so why not have your friends join you in the fun and book new year party passes for a group. This lets you boil down your choices of the perfect event, furthermore as some events tend to offer amazing discounts on group bookings that lets you save a lot on the new year pass, while letting you party.

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Event attractions:

Ensure you read the “event attractions” section of the event description, so you know what’s in store for you at the party. Yes, we are speaking of the text below the fancy images that let you have a glimpse of what to expect at the new year’s eve party. Always pick a new year party that offers you the value for your money.

If you are someone who would like to treat yourself to the best of alcohol or relish on the scrumptious delicacies on this big day, make sure you pick new year parties with unlimited food and beverages. This way you save a lot as most parties that do not offer this have your bills skyrocketing making it expensive than the new year party pass price.

Be wary of the cheapskates:

Although it is obvious that you will want to start the new year by saving money (one of the most cliched resolutions), do not let that creep in while you are trying to book the new year’s eve party passes as this could leave you disappointed. While you are on a hunt to find the most perfect new year bash, you might chance upon many events that promise the stars in their event attractions and seem to offer it at an unbelievable price, alluring you to hit the Book Now button, but think again.

‘Coz if it seems too good to be true, it might not actually be true. So, look up the organizer’s credibility, check the venue capacity, and if this is not the maiden edition of the event, you could always look up their social media pages and see what the guests from the previous season have to say about it.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry and get started with your search for the perfect new year’s eve party.



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