9 reasons why you should ring in the new year 2016 at a party

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Come out, dance your way into the new year !

You may have been a quiet bird in the corner who likes to be on your own even on new year. A lot of people can be seen hitting clubs and different party venues to dance away the last hours of the year trying to end it on a festive note. On the other side, you may have gotten your supper ready and maybe looking forward to watching a nice movie, a comedy TV show to help yourself to some home alone entertainment which you personally favored for the last few years and loved every bit of it. This maybe cool for you, while others can’t digest that level of living. So, here are nine reasons why you should be at a party this new year 2016 and do something for a change to give your life some flavor.

1. If you have never been to a club or any party for that matter, this time of the year is probably the best bet.

2. You get to be with your friends while the new year comes by.

3. If you love to try different types of food, look for party venues that serve free food, so you know it won’t be a waste of time or money.

4. Being outside for a change maybe good. Someone like you who possibly came out for a party the first time just like you, can be your new friend or better half.

5. If you happen to enjoy variety in alcohol, there are a lot of venues that offer unlimited drinks.

6. Look for parties where people actually enjoy a party unlike those who only come to drink and get wasted.

7. Since it’s your first time, dress casually for the party. Maybe a dinner jacket could be good.

8. Be well within your drinking limit so as not to spoil your new years experience.

9. If you can gather a few friends to go with you to the party, you may even save on the entry fee as a group.

Look for parties that can match your interests and give you a wonderful experience. Happy new year 2016!

Syed Hussaini

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