9 reasons why you should chill with the boys this New Years Eve

New year party

A stag party isn’t such a bad idea this New Year

New Year’s Eve is around the corner and it’s around that time where you are desperately looking for a date before mistletoe season. It’s impossible to help feeling like the Grinch when you see happy couples all ’round making the most of the party season. It’s a time when being a ‘stag’ is as good as being a social leper and having a girlfriend can get you access to the best new year parties at a price which does not include your left kidney.

Fret not my dear singles, here is why chilling with the boys for new year’s eve isn’t such a bad idea


1. You can make your own plans

There is nothing stopping you from doing what you want on new year’s. You can head to a club, have a BBQ night or even just sit back and relax with a beer. You aren’t under any pressure and spontaneity is the best catalyst for a good party.

 2. Don’t need to guilt trip about getting drunk

There is no one reminding you of your antics on new year’s eve the next day. The beauty of being single at new year’s eve kicks in when you see your hitched buddies drinking corona or bud light and eyeing your Patiala peg with envy. 

3.Party hop till you find your scene

You don’t have to have a plan. You can just keep hopping till you find the perfect vibe. The best thing about chilling with the boys is you can just go ahead and make other plans at the drop of a hat.

4.Strike up random conversations

You can just strike up conversations and make new friends. There is nothing holding you back and no one that needs your undivided attention. You can just start up a conversation and see where it leads.

5.You can hakuna matata

You don’t need to worry about any responsibilities and completely zone out. There’s nothing to hold you back and no one you need to be keeping a tab on. For once you can lighten up and just have a good time.

 6.You can crash at your friend’s place

Heading back home after a good party can become quite a chore. Driving home bleary eyed is something best avoided. If you aren’t dating someone you can just crash over at a friend’s place and have a boys night out.

7.The more the merrier

It’s difficult to find people you are comfortable with as a couple. It might get a bit awkward if there are too many people and your partner ends up feeling ignored. If you are single you can just socialize freely and make a lot of new friends for the new year.

8.It’s the best time to be single

The new year season is the best time to be single. The holiday season can make all of us a bit sentimental and mushy. The odds are in your favour and if you play your cards right you may just end up finding someone interesting before the clock strikes 12.

9.You can make resolutions and break them the next day

We all know we make them to break them. Whether it’s giving up drinking, losing weight, rescuing unicorns or saving up. If there’s no one to remind you of those half-hearted resolutions you can just forget the entire episode and skip the embarrassment.


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