5 accessories that can make you the hunk at the new year party

new year

New year parties are all about dressing up and looking your best. Every one will wait for the huge discount sales to open up and go on a shopping spree. These are the five things you shouldn’t miss out on picking up from stores for this new year’s eve.

Sports Coat :

A full blazer or a casual blazer is definitely a good choice, but if you want women to remember what you wore on the new year’s eve party, a sports coat will definitely work the charm. Top the sports coat on a plain T-shirt or a plain white shirt.new year

Invest in a good watch :

A watch definitely speaks a lot about your personality. Let the watch do the talking in the loud music at the party. Sport a classy chronograph or a simple dial watch which is breathtakingly sexy and one which suits your personality.

new year

Watch what you are stepping into :

The new year eve party is going to be bling with women and men taking their shiny shoes out of the wardrobe. Don’t be a goat in the herd. Get a pair of shoes that suit your body physique. Get the shoes that will give you the extra mile look. Suede and leather shoes, never really go out of style.new year

Don’t Fade away:

Let your presence be felt among the ladies. Wear the strong scent that will leave them wanting for more of you. Invest in a good perfume that will leave your aura for a while whenever you hug a person or stand beside them for a while.new year


With the dashing sports coat and a crisp white shirt, add the best cufflinks that portray your character. These toppings definitely add that bold and macho look to your attire and make you irresistible.new year

Vimal Mohan

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