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9 hacks to pick the best new year party


New year 2016 is almost here and people are going gaga over picking the best party in town, and if you wish to have a memorable new year’s eve celebration too, here are a few hacks that you could use it to pick the best new year party  in your...

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9 cocktails you should try at the new year party


Chuck the regular drinks and gulp up in a few cocktails It’s new year’s eve, drink up, have good vibes,and chill out. This time at the new year party don’t order the usual rounds. Jazz up the drink and add a pinch of fancy to it. After all it’s new...

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9 things to avoid this New Year 2016


Lets bring a change, lets be different! The festive season is just round the corner and will continue until the new year 2016. People are gearing up for celebration, as we come come to the end of another year. Some people are unfortunate and got separated from their families this...