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Ride out this weekend at the necklace road loop.

Cycle for life, cycle for lust, cycle for good health and cycle for a good heart. You don’t need a reason to ride, but if you are amongst those who are looking for one, here is a chance to ride for a good heart. The KIMS Cyclothon is all about spreading awareness about fitness and health. So, ride out this Sunday from KIMS at 6:00 am and spread the word and this time, let your legs do the talking.

The categories are various including a Full Cycle ride of 14 kms, a half cycle ride of 7 kms, a joy ride of 5 kms. The route of the ride has been designed in a way that gives you a visual treat while the rest of your body is shedding sweat by cycling.

For those who aren’t satisfied with the 14 km ride, there is the double ride of 28 kms. This will have the participants take 2 laps of the circuit.

The ride will begin at KIMS and riders will head towards Tankbund and ride through the Necklace road loop and head back to KIMS.

Death due to high cholesterol is one of the major causes for increasing mortality rate in the world. So, cut the cholesterol levels in your body by cutting down on those fatty foods that are good on your lips and stay forever on your hips.cycle

Let’s induce cycling into our lives by taking this first step, let’s pledge to ride a bike for at least 15 mins a day and lead a healthier life. This is a sport which isn’t expensive and can be linked to our daily life activities. So, ride to Enhance your heart beginning at the KIMS Cyclothon on November 22, 2015.

I ride, therefore I am.

Vimal Mohan


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