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unleash the energy inside you

Unleash the energy inside you!


Awaken the power within Have you utilized your energy the way it should be? A lot of people are unaware of how to use certain skills they possess and how to get their potential unlocked. There are various methods to identify what all a human body can do and what...


Cycle your way to enhance your heart functioning


Ride out this weekend at the necklace road loop. Cycle for life, cycle for lust, cycle for good health and cycle for a good heart. You don’t need a reason to ride, but if you are amongst those who are looking for one, here is a chance to ride for...

Anish Sood Hyderabad

Get ‘Superfly’ with Anish Sood at Hyderabad


Anish Sood to play live at Farm Music Festival, Hyderabad this November Anish Sood is definitely an artist to watch out for in India’s competitive techno and dance music scene. He is fresh off the success of his breezy new single ‘Superfly’ which took iTunes by storm peaking at #3....

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Successful business idea generation in a simple way


Simple business ideas Business is a successful money-making machine is what prospective businessmen think and sometimes fail to forget the hard work involved in it. It may not include a bossy, crazy beautiful blonde to run around after you, but pretty much everything has to be done by you and...