Thanksgiving Cake Mixing Brunch at Radisson Blu

Thanksgiving radisson Blu Cake mixing

Ring in Christmas season with cake, rum , love and a few nuts.

It’s almost that time of the year again. The wind starts getting a bit chillier, and our hearts grow a bit warmer as Christmas is round the corner. Before the entire city gets decked up with Christmas trees, rice lights, and ribbons, the celebrations start off in the kitchens of every household. The ingredients for the busy season are bought and the entire kitchen starts having a familiar woody smell of fire roasted nuts, rum and the sweet aroma of cake dough.

cake mixing at Radisson Blu, Christmas party

Cake mixing is a fun family tradition that brings everyone together to celebrate the spirit of the season. Everyone chips in and is part of the celebrations as kids, cousins, uncles, aunts neighbours and friends come over to make the special ‘fruit soak’ that adds the distinctive taste and flavour to the Christmas plum cake. Traditionally everyone brings something to the party a bit of wine, a meat casserole, a keg of whiskey, it’s all about sharing the love and happiness of the season.

If your heart fills up with nostalgia while reading this, you are in luck as the Radisson Blu is hosting a cake mixing brunch this thanksgiving. There is a massive spread for the mixers, with close to 125 dishes and 20 live counters serving the best of Indian, South Asian and  European cuisine. The tradition meets luxury, as the bakers, confectioners and sommeliers of the Radisson Blu open their arms to welcome you to the beginning of their busiest ‘baking season’.

Bring your family over, and revel in the festivities. Try your hand out at the fine art of mixing up the perfect dough with raisins, almonds, black currants, candied cherries, and orange peels with a generous splash of rum, whiskey or wine. The experience is truly one to cherish. There is also live pizza making demo, live cocktail demo and cookie making classes for kids to make this a ‘super fun’ foodie’s paradise. There’s also a live band to keep you in high spirits and unlimited IMFL included in the price of entry. If you are looking for a fun way to unwind and get  into the Christmas spirit then this brunch is a great place to begin.

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