Signs that your inner kid never dies.

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5 reasons we haven’t grown up and why we shouldn’t too

There is this grin that comes to my face when writing this. I have always been chided by people pointing out the fact that I have a mental age of about seven and have just about as much responsibility. The flipside, however, is that I’ve always cherished this taunt as a sign that the kid in me is alive and kicking. No matter if you can down a pitcher in minutes, grow a beard in two days, or ride an Enfield into the horizon. There is a part of you that holds on to that child in you and here is why that’s completely OK. If you don’t agree with me then a big ‘Katti Fu’ to you.

You want to just punch people, and stick your tongue out.

Forget corporate appraisals, reprimands and all this made up civility. If we had our way, as we did as kids, we would have just got things sorted the old fashioned way. Kids do the stupidest things. But if you look carefully,  it makes a lot of sense. I’m pretty sure a fist fight and sticking your tongue out at people is a much better way to deal with conflict than being diplomatic. Aai shappath, I can testify to the efficacy of this tactic.


We still want mom around.

Even if it means cutting back on getting shitfaced every weekend or having an awkward talk about your love life, all of us would just appreciate if moms could stay with us forever. You always get a hot meal on the table, a glass of hot bournvita to get rid of those Monday morning blues, a hug whenever you need one, and freshly ironed clothes. Mums are angels straight out of heaven and there’s nothing wrong with wanting them around.


You’d still prefer to watch Johnny Bravo and Dexter over Splitsvilla and Roadies.

I’m talking about the era before cartoon network peddled poorly animated, watered down, moralizing clichés like Chota Bheem and whatever the kids are watching nowadays. The Cartoon Network of the ‘90s did not think kids were idiots and dealt with grown up subject matter in fun appropriate ways. Johnny Bravo, Swat Kats, Dexter, and Tom and Jerry, such amazing cartoons by Hannah Barbara and Seth Mcfarlane will always have a special place in our hearts, and I’d still watch them over anything else on primetime today.


We all still want to be tucked in

I’ve always wanted to wake up tucked in bed with a warm cup of coffee by my side. It’s just fun to magically teleport to your room no matter where you doze off. Your dad picking you up and putting you to bed is something no one ever grows out of. If we could go back in time when everything was much simpler,  we all would.


You still run across dark corridors

No matter whether you are 25 with the bodily proportions of a Gorilla on steroids, you still get the creeps in dark corridors. I still hate watching Paranormal Activity, The Exorcist, or anything remotely haunting. If you enjoy these movies then you are a satanic hell spawn that enjoys clubbing baby seals on weekends. If you know me personally and bring this up remember to re-read the first line carefully.


P.S Happy Children’s day and stay the kid you are.

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