Kids these days: Five things that kids today will never know

Children's Day memories

As everyone is going gaga over “No Shave November” now, years ago we all had a totally different reason to look forward to this month. Yes, the Children’s Day celebration at school, that let us have fun with friends without being pinned down with pressures to study. Our teachers who were otherwise strict donned the “cool” avatar.

Well, there is no way you could get back in time and enjoy those amazing moments that kids these days have been missing out on. You read that right! Although most of us consider kids these to be the lucky bunch, here are five things that kids today will never know.



For those who do not know or remember, Encyclopaedia is that big book we flipped through for information on everything under the sky before Wikipedia happened. Some of the “lucky” kids had a copy of this at home and would flaunt it to pass off as a genius while the rest of us had to make do with the edition available in our school library. But well, the point is the millennial kids today will never know what this means.


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Or rather we knew it as a telephone and was used from home or the affluent neighbour’s place. Ask a generation before the ‘90s and they would also recall how a telephone was something that was available in post offices rather than in pockets. And the struggle of having to talk to your relatives was real, when you had to wait for hours to book a “trunk call.”

Cartoon Network:

Cartoon Network, Children's day, memories of childhood Yes, Cartoon Network and not CN. A typical ‘90s kids thing, the pleasure we all experienced while growing up watching Powerpuff girls, Popeye the sailor, Flinstones, Garfield, Swat Kats, etc. Everything was fine and nice and one sudden day the disaster occurred, and that was when Cartoon Network took a transformation to become CN, and kids had nothing but Canadian shows to watch all day.

3D print of the “save” icon:


Well, that’s what kids might call it today while we called it as the floppy disc that could store up to 1.44 megabytes or 1.44 MB. That was something we considered huge back then, but thinking of it today, the storage does not exceed the capacity of one and a half Gif.

Computer without the internet:

Five things that kids today will never know

This might seem like a crisis situation, but most of us do have memories of having survived using computers without the internet and considered it a privilege to spend time playing games like the 3D Pinball – Space Cadet for hours. And if you remember this then you’ve been through the “no internet” struggle and survived.

The nostalgic journey into the fun moments of childhood is something we all love to cherish, as it is a phase of life sans stress and responsibilities. So, if you wish to gift your child one such memory he/she would cherish forever, make sure you take them to one of the best events for kids, this children’s day.

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