It’s time to bring out the psy playlist


Bop your head to 14-150 beats per minute

Avi Nissim and Lior Perlmutter from Israel will be here soon to give you the psy trip that you’ve been looking for. Astral Projections will be in town to give the trance enthusiasts a tour to the genres of Goa trance and Psychedelic trance. So, block your calendar for November 21, 2015 from 5 pm – 10 pm at Rendezvous: Hyderabad for the best psy music ever heard in town.


Astral projections had its first gig ‘Trust in Trance 1 ‘ in 1994 and have been keeping the crowd looped in ever since. They definitely seem to have mastered the skill of designing your trip with their beats. The progressive music legends come from the era when Goa trance and psychedelic trance had just originated in India.

Having performed in tomorrow land, Tomorrow world, Sunburn , burning man, Arvika , and many such other gigantic music festivals, they definitely know how to put their act together and take you into the world of your own illusions. The music played by Avi and Lior will definitely open a few doors in your mind and help you wonder, and find the inner you.

“Kabalah”, “People Can Fly”, “Mahadeva” and “Dancing Galaxy” are one of the famous tracks that people around the world plug in their headsets for. Though Astral Projections have not come up with a new release since 2004, they have been consistently releasing singles and their performances still attract huge crowds.

The progressive trance played by the artists definitely give you the runway to launch yourself at a good speed. The psy fans around the world have appreciated the taste of Astral projection’s way of playing. It has been a good month in India for all the psy fans, major renowned psy artists have played during the month and this event will surely raise the bar.

So, if your heart beats to trance, here is an event you shouldn’t miss. Bop your head to the music from Israel.

Vimal Mohan

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