How adults miss out on Children’s Day Celebrations

children's day,

Things that meant entirely different when we were kids

As always, kids love to play, fight, go out, eat all the junk food possible and then not sleep. Getting drenched in the rain and bringing the stray cats home are their other fantasies which we get to see while we try to keep them away from kids due to hygiene and other issues. As kids, they really don’t care and like to do what pleases them the most, even if that means throwing all the stuff in the house out the balcony just to see how it falls.

There are a lot of things in life that meant totally different for kids and mean entirely different for adults. As kids, we always hated going to school and doing the homework on time. But, today when we even drive past the school, we look for those places where we used to loiter to bunk classes or running around the entire school facility causing a chaos at times,  maybe even getting a couple of students or staff injured on your way back to the class in order to escape arrest. One other thing we also cherish is the children’s day celebration at school when we used to be happy to go, without our school bags & returned home with sweets.

children's day

These things don’t matter now as adults, but it does drive you down that memory lane and makes you miss those days because it was filled with fun which we lack today. We try to be or at least act mature and look different like everyone is interviewing us at all times. We can’t give out answers that are deemed funny to hear from kids, or people would strike back accusing us of acting childish in nature and most people don’t have a sense of humor to acknowledge something like that easily.

Cotton candy, amusement park, roller coaster rides, sleeping over at a friends place, remote controlled cars and other cool toys were the best things in life any kid would dream of. As adults we hardly like anything except sleeping over at a friends place, and other things do not matter really. We lost the fun filled enthusiasm we had as kids for things like that when we graduated to become adults forgetting the inner child is dying to be younger by the day.

The only thing we cherish is school days and the least that we do is talk about it to a few of those friends who are still connected, but that would be it. We wouldn’t run around waiting for someone to come stop us like we are playing a game. The day we graduated from high school, we are officially adults. No more children’s day ! 

Syed Hussaini

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