Get trippy and have fun at the Glowjob party in Pune

Glowjob party at Pune

Light up the weekend with the ‘Glowjob’ party

Flashing lights and good times go hand in hand. The Glowjob party is trying to bring the best of the psychedelic experience to Pune. There is art, graffiti, EDM and a whole lot of fun on offer. The party is an all-nighter conceptualized by After 8 events for the party people of Pune.

Glowjob is bringing the party vibes of psychedelic capitals like Shiva Valley and Hilltop to Pune. If you want to rave all night to the best music and lose yourself in the surreal psychedelic vibe of ‘Glow’, then this is the party you should not miss.

The party is going to be massive with 3 DJs and two dance zones at the sprawling ABC Farms at Koregaon Park, Pune. The theme is neon and they have an array of glow paints, graffiti and face paints to make sure you can develop your own look. You can choose to go classic with some tribal face-paint or come up with your own personalized look. There will be in-house artists at the club to help you come up with the most zingy look for the party. The entire ABC Farms will be decked out in some trippy U.V lighting and decor that makes for the perfect photo-op.

To make the most of the party, dress up in white or brighter colours to accentuate the ‘glow’ effect of the UV lighting. There is going to be some epic ‘glowjob’ merchandise and give-aways as well. Make sure you attend the ultimate party happening in Pune this weekend. The ‘Glowjob’ party is a After 8 events experience and is sure to draw the most hip and happening people from across the city.

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