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The Corporate Badminton League (CBL) has just finished its 3rd edition. The  edition was bigger and better and is the best edition so far. With close to 150 corporates, the Corporate Badminton League has definitely set new standards and competition.

The event was held at the Pullela Gopichand Badminton Academy. The event was handled well with 8 courts and a squad of umpires who did a good job of judging the matches by the rules. The competition was stiff and true team spirit was displayed at the venue.

As many as 450 participants registered for the event and the categories included men (singles and doubles), women (singles and doubles) along with mixed doubles. The whole event was handled well by the organisers of the event.  The umpires at the event were efficient. They were state and national level badminton players who had cleared the umpire test. Ravi Kanth the head of umpires says: “Only badminton players and coaches can umpire at these events.”

Aditi Reddy is a state and National level badminton player who had played regularly for 5 years and stopped playing at the age of 18, ever since she has been playing on & off on weekends or whenever she got an opportunity. Heading the Business Development team at Swiggy, Aditi Reddy is a good player who bagged the cup again this year.



Sirisha, the organiser of CBL 2015, said: “Badminton is a very friendly sport which can be played with minimum equipment and cost.” Thanks to Pullela Gopichand, CBL is getting all the support needed to make this a nationwide platform for corporates to compete with others in the sport. The main agenda of CBL is to get the corporate employees out of their cubicles and keep them engaged in sports.

Madhumitha and Richa from CDK Global were participating in the women’s singles. As many as 25 employees from CDK Global participated in the event out of which five of them had flown to Hyderabad from Pune. Aditi Reddy was the winner of women’s singles and has been winning the tournament consistently for the past 3 years.  Aditi Said “It feels good to be the champion from the past three years. Year on year the competition is increasing and quality players are participating at the Corporate Badminton league”. “Annie George from TCS, was a very good player and competitor” Aditi stated

Mr. Naidu Darapaneni, the CEO of the official ticketing partner said “We are happy to be associated with CBL for the last three years. We look forward to a greater vibrancy in the sporting events.”



There are many such other badminton events that people could participate in to maintain a very healthy lifestyle. Sports helps us to keep the balance between good health and work pressure.

Check out the other badminton tournament which will be held in the month of november at

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