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Director’s roundtable

Every year, millions work hard across organizations, big and small, all to showcase their abilities as a good resource for their company. And to sustain themselves in the race in the global market, a good workforce is required.

Different organizations globally have set up offices that are nothing less than five-star hotels, only to ensure employee satisfaction and so, getting a job in companies like those are comparatively hard. Human resource management and senior members from other teams together join to recruit people they find suitable. However, sometimes resources that are recruited do not prove to be what they claimed they were and end up being a liability to the company.

In order to avoid scenarios where people are shown the door due to their non-performance issues, staffing companies and many organizations are coming up with different strategies to recruit. Each resource is assessed carefully and differently, according to the position they have applied for. Apart from these regular hiring procedures, there are many more methods the companies adopt.

A few people from big corporates have been cherry-picked for a director’s roundtable sit-down to discuss and deliver talks pertaining to the recruitment industry involving the challenges and changes revolving around job portals and social networking sites.  This summit features  emerging opportunities in the staffing industry, expectations lined up from employers for the recruitment agencies given the usage of technology and what other organizations are doing to recruit talent and hunt for it.

Ideally, recruitment heads, human resource professionals, business development managers, CXOs, directors, VPs, account managers of recruitment and staffing firms would be the ones to attend this summit.

However, if you could secure an invite, you can attend even if you don’t belong to these groups of people. The conference is by invitation only and can be registered for free. The round table conference is scheduled to be held at the Aditya Park Hotel in Hyderabad on November 20, 2015 from 7PM to 10PM. People who belong to this industry interested in attending, please go ahead and register to receive an invite to attend.There isn’t much time left, Hurry up!

Syed Hussaini

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