Learn the method of Lean Kanban, excel in it !

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What is it ?

kanban is basically a set of principles and practices that are applied to the method of working in an organization to help identify and resolve issues it may experience over the course. In other words, it’s a management methodology focused on factors like delivery, predictions, visibility, and explicit policies. This method of working with Kanban requires that an organization be ready to accept changes from the normal routine.  This will also have some explicit ruling to go about in order to keep the policies in tact. Apart from being an effective tool in supporting a production system, it also provides a great improvement curve.

What do you get out of it ?

The Lean Kanban 2015 is aimed at showcasing the state of the art real time Kanban experiences from various organizations globally. The conference is geared towards  enhancing visibility, quality, performance and the outcome is better business agility, faster delivery and predictability at a better level. Attending this conference may enhance your style of work and help you progress on a daily basis with the work flow, thus giving you another reason to attend this year. This training will  provide you with actionable guidance which can be immediately applied to your work ethics.

When and Where?

Lean Kanban is a two-day featured conference that is being held at the Aloft Hotel in Aloft Bengaluru cessna business park in Bengaluru from Dec 11-12, 2015. All those candidates interested in learning the Lean Kanban or attending this conference as part of the global Lean Kanban series, book your tickets now while the early bird ticket sales last.

Syed Hussaini

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