An art exhibition that throws light on disposable culture

art exhibition

As nimble fingers of the creative visionaries danced on the material, little did an onlooker understand what shape is it gonna take in a while from then. Yet, the pace and precision with which the artists are chiseling out that little extra matter to give finesse to the object remained stunning. But all this is done at the green room (the workshop where the sculpture takes shape).

Lo and behold. You are in not just for a visual treat, but to a pleasure to your hearts’ content. For, the artistic splendour of doyens in the field of sculpture is going to unveil itself to amaze you at the Hill Fort Palace. yes, you heard it right. Hill Fort Palace is nothing but the opulent Ritz Hotel in Adarsh Nagar, savoring the shadow of the milky white marble structure of Birla Temple.

The show is christened as inBox. The very name itself is out of the box. The artists may have matured like the vintage wine with their experience, but surely the art (the three-dimensional sculptures) and the artists too connect with the Gen-Y who are gonna add the fourth dimension — their time — to the glory and grandeur of the exhibition.

This landmark exhibition will be present 81+ artists at the inBOX – one of the largest exhibitions of three dimensional artwork. The exhibits are in accordance to the theme of ‘disposable culture’. The exhibition is on view till November 22, 2015 and will also be showcasing Ikebana & Art (a Japanese art form of flower arrangement) , Two hour pottery workshop, and a Western classical concert by the Hyderabad Western Music Foundation.

Established names in the art industry like Bose Krishnamachari, Laxma Goud, Riyas Komu, TV Santosh, Valay Shende will be participating at the venue.

For all the art lovers, this is a chance to enter the land where inanimate things talk a lot directly to your mind using your gaze as a medium of communication.

Vimal Mohan

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