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kanban, lean kanban 2015

Learn the method of Lean Kanban, excel in it !


What is it ? kanban is basically a set of principles and practices that are applied to the method of working in an organization to help identify and resolve issues it may experience over the course. In other words, it’s a management methodology focused on factors like delivery, predictions, visibility,...

art exhibition

An art exhibition that throws light on disposable culture


As nimble fingers of the creative visionaries danced on the material, little did an onlooker understand what shape is it gonna take in a while from then. Yet, the pace and precision with which the artists are chiseling out that little extra matter to give finesse to the object remained...

Bring out the makeup artist inside you!


Womaniya – Dazzle in style Womaniya, or the daylong makeup workshop, is a place for women who like to find new reasons to stay in front of the mirror. If you are intending to open up a beautician’s parlor, you can provide different make up services for occasions like wedding,...

2017 new year

SPARX NYE 17 with DJ Piyush at N-Convention


The 31-12 is back with it’s New Year 2017 Party at N convention The New year 2017 is round the corner and 31-12 is back in its seventh exclusive edition. The party started off in 2009 with close to 1,500 party people attending. Since then, it’s just grown bigger and...

new year 2016

Stay fit and look good with these new year 2016 events


Fitness events in your city New year 2016 is fast approaching and everyone is preparing their resolution lists. This year, let’s take a resolution to stay fit. The best way to ensure that, is to make a move now. Make arrangements now, so that they don’t get postponed after the...