Sell discount tickets for new year 2016 events through attendee programs

Viral ticketing

Save on marketing and make a killing through attendee programs for New Year 2016

Viral ticketing is a buzzword in the event industry and the term has been abused as a catchphrase. We delve into exactly what ‘viral ticketing’ is for an event and how it helps your event especially since its almost New year 2016 and the entire event industry is on high stakes. It’s important to incentivize your attendees, who participate in promoting your event and fetch you more business, as they are important capital when it comes to selling tickets. This isn’t something new. Think ‘word of mouth’, the legitimacy of information is so much more when received from a trusted source or a personal network. This is what viral ticketing banks on.

If your target audience is a professional network like a ‘Scrum workshop’ or a ‘PMP certification’, getting one attendee on board can have a multiplier effect if they are encouraged to use their social networks to your advantage. This simply is the concept of viral ticketing, using attendee networks to sell tickets to the target audience.

Incentives are key:

You can’t catch a big fish without an appropriate bait. If you are looking to sell tickets through your attendees, you need to give them a fair deal. Event organizers can create incentives for their attendees to make them feel like event partners and promoters. You can use cash backs, extra tickets, merchandise, reward points and a host of other options to incentivize.

Shake things up:

You have to experiment and shake things up to do this effectively. Don’t go by the book. You can develop special incentive systems for events. This could include merchandise, posters, V.I.P access and other goodies. It’s your event. So, take ownership and make your attendees feel like they have a stake in your event by providing out-of-the-box rewards. This is especially relevant since the new year is coming up and using the same old strategies will bear diminishing returns.

Use tech to keep track:

Give your attendees a user dashboard that should allow them to keep a tab on the tickets they have sold through their personal networks, using a unique promoter code and a corresponding tab for the number of tickets sold through the promoter link.

Viral ticketing for events

Use appropriate tools:

Develop interesting content to help sell your tickets through viral or affiliate marketing. Make your email wacky, fun and informative by developing content suitable to the event. You could also use tools like mailchimp and outsource this practice and get analytics on opened mails, downloads, and other usable data. Of course, it costs you something. But the expenditure is worth it.

Cut out the middle man:

You can use online DIY platforms like MeraEvents to create your event and opt in for viral ticketing to cut out the middleman and use your attendee network to sell tickets quickly and efficiently, without paying a bomb to middle men marketing, and other expenses. Here is some detailed information on how to use ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) platforms to save money while compounding ticket sales.

Using social media:

Use appropriate social media to promote your events. In the case of professional events, you can create event groups on Linkedin and utilize the networks of celebrity speakers and your attendees to get maximum reach and grab the highest number of eyeballs. Twitter and Facebook can also be used, but it is important to use interesting content and artwork along with your promoter url to maximize impact. Here are some quick hacks when it comes to social media marketing.

Events can also use Instagram handles if the event is an entertainment or a sports event. New year 2016 is a time when social networking websites are bombarded with spam about upcoming events. You need to differentiate yourself with engaging content and invest in content marketing tools like Google ad-words or Taboola to effectively reach out to your audience,


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