How to plan discount tickets for New Year 2016 events

new year 2016, discount tickets

Mix it up for event attendees and give them tailored options

The Raffle

New Year is arriving soon and if there is a big concert or an event related to New Year coming up in the next few weeks, make sure you have a raffle for the attendees. A  small teaser can be released by offering sale of tickets on an event ticketing platform with a limited number of people to create the buzz. Interested participants can get tickets with reference or promo codes only which can be limited to maybe 100-200 tickets that are sold at a heavily discounted price on a first come first served basis.

Early Bird

The Early bird gets the worm. In this case, it’s the discount offered on the regular price that goes on sale about two months before the concert and ends a month or three weeks prior to the concert date. These tickets are offered usually at a discounted price since it is purchased early and the Early bird tickets will last until stock lasts.

BIG ticket

These tickets and discounts are perfect for groups. So, if there is a minimum of five people in a group, participants can enjoy a good discount, compared to the regular ticket purchases. BIG ticket purchase is promoted and encouraged for quicker processing of people into the venue. Such tickets are sold in large quantities especially around new years. But, producing identification proof becomes a challenge. So, please be sure of the criterion for the ID proof, mentioned clearly in the terms and conditions appended to the event on the ticketing platform.

Corporate ticket

When you decide to market a concert in the corporate world, a dedicated discount code has to be given to each corporate. This can be a good way of employee engagement. The discounted tickets for a corporate event or a training or paid seminar go a long way in the employee-employer relationship. What better way to entice corporates but for a good discount for an event happening around the New Year 2016.

Student ticket

This sale is one where you need to know that students don’t earn. So the amount has to be less than what is charged to others. Each student can get a 30-40% discount provided they produce their student identification cards upon entry along with generally accepted photo IDs for verification. Once again, new year 2016 is the time where people willingly shell out huge sums of money. Target your audience accordingly.

What you get in return ?

New marketing ideas, higher ticket sales, brand recognition, your interest to give discounts at a time of the year where people don’t think too much to spend might boost your sales. People may even subscribe to your marketing emails and help spread the word. This naturally goes viral through the word of mouth and if you, as an event organiser, ensure that the event experience is great for the attendees of all categories, they naturally would look up to you — maybe even to have you as the planner of their events also.

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