Colour your imagination with Colorothon 2015

colorothon events for kids

The biggest festival for kids in Hyderabad

This year in its 6th edition Colorothon Hyderabad is bigger, better and more fun than ever. Give free reign to your inner Picasso and let the paint express your wildest imaginations.  It’s a chance for the entire family to get together and create. Talk, bond and reconnect with the simple joys of painting and get a break from being glued onto a blinking screen.

The Colorothon 2015 is in its 6th edition after bringing a big smile to more than 65,000 faces. Yes you heard that right. Spread over three cities and five seasons, the movement has reached out to 65,000 people with the power of a paintbrush. It’s time to join hands in the movement and paint a better world as the proceeds of the event will go to ‘My choices foundation’, an organization that works towards liberating women from violence and abuse and helping victims live a life of dignity.

The concept for the Colorothon will be to draw your imagination. It can be anything under the sun — your mind can think of unicorns, fairies, pixies or monsters. It’s all up to you. Take a trip down the alleyways of your imagination. Remember that child like wonder, when you first put brush on the paper? You’ll surely gripped by a sense of that smug satisfaction — a sense of déjà vu —  when you managed to put together something beautiful with nothing but tiny hands, and a palette full of colours.  

Everyone one is invited to join and have a great time, relive your childhood with Colorothon and do something wacky this weekend. Colorothon  has an entire list of fun activities planned out for you from caricatures, live cartoonists, street magic, art arena and a lot more. There’s also a big surprise planned out for all you little ones, Chota Bheem and team will be making an appearance at the Colorothon. It’s the chance to see your kid’s face light up as they see Chota Bheem live in an extravaganza for kids.

Book your tickets to Colorothon 2015 and sign up for a day of painting, fun and madness.

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