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Celebrate the Andhrapreneurship by the beach

You may have attended a technology festival or a tech trade show if you belong to the tech industry, so you would be having a good idea of what it is.In case you haven’t, this is what it will entail. Before the end of this year, one of the greatest technology event is being held and organized in Andhra Pradesh (AP)called the StartAP fest. This is the place where a lot of ideas can get incubated and come to life some day.

Vishakhapatnam is growing to be one of the most happening IT and commerce destinations of India and with this year’s StartAP fest, it invites people from across the country to come, learn, discuss, network, invest in and for Andhra Pradesh. The fest features different workshops, followed by talks, sessions from the best entrepreneurs, visionaries, investors, and industry experts from India and overseas. The gathering headcount is expected to be over 1500 including entrepreneurs, at least a 100 investors, speakers, mentors, partners, and other companies.

People looking to expand their businesses in Andhra Pradesh or looking for an investment, this event could prove to be a profitable move. When we look back into history, last year StartAP had over 40 amazing speakers including people like the CEO of Reliance retail, Minister of IT E&C, Global vice president of AIESEC, co-founder of startup village and many more great personalities who delivered inspirational talks.

So, startAP fest is happening this 5th-6th March 2016 from 9 am to 6 pm and this year it’s being held right by the beach. It’s scheduled to take place at Sai Priya resorts , Rushikonda beach in Vishakhapatnam.

The standard ticket price of 1500 INR . Each ticket includes access to all the stages, sessions, workshops, demo spaces, networking sessions and also includes food and drinks for the two-day event. So, go ahead and be a part of the Andhrapreneurship that is being celebrated this year at StartAP fest 2016.

Syed Hussaini

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