Upcoming trekking events that shouldn’t be missed


Why do people trek? Why walk all way up the mountain when transport in a bus can get you to the same destination.  This is one question that has always been shot at trekkers. Some do it for the getaway, some do it to create awareness of trekking, some do it for the epinephrine rush, some do it to live on the edge, some for photography, some to unwind, some for fitness, and some just to get closer to the nature.

So, if you are in the lot who trek for some or no reason or if you wanna start your trekking days, here is a list of events that you shouldn’t give a miss.

The Chadar Frozen River Trek Batch 3book now

Date : February 11- 20, 2016
Time : 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Venue : Leh-Ladakh , Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir

Brace yourself and gather your courage, for, this 9 day camping trip will take you to elevations as high as 11,123 Ft.’above sea level. This trail of the trek will be as much as 75 kms. This trek will take you through extremes and introduce you to a new face of nature. If you are one of those who want to live life on the edge and loves to take on challenges, this is one trek that promises to give it all. Book now, for the number of participants for this is limited.

Chill out Trek at Matheranbook now

Date : February 19 – 22, 2016
Time : 8:00 pm – 5:00 am
Venue : Nampally railway station, Hyderabad,Telangana

Matheran lies in an elevated region where the temperature ranges from 16 to 32 degrees centigrade. This is place is infested with a large crowd of the monkey population including. Bonnet Macaques and Hanuman Langurs. Fresh water from Lake Charlotte is it’s main source of income. This trek is of moderate difficulty, so don’t expect a lot of comfort and luxury. Register now.

One Day trek to Kalavantin Durgbook now

Date : February 21, 2016
Time : Pune, Maharashtra

The Kalavantin Durg sits at an elevation of 2,300 feet above sea level in the western Ghats. The fort was known as Prahalad fort earlier and is also known as Kalavantin Fort. This one day trek will give you a short insight to the world of trekking and prepare you for your future adventures. Register now.

Tour of Goabook now

Date : February 26, 2016 – February 28, 2016
Time : 6:00 am – 1:00 pm
Venue : Miramar,Panjim, Goa

The Tour of Goa is a three-day competition, which will take you to various corners of Goa and give you a tour of it while you are pedalling towards the finish line. The trail can have rolling terrains, as it’s Goa and that’s the way the geography of soil is over there. Register now.

Goa Sailing Expedition – 2016book now

Date : February 26, 2016 – February 28, 2016
Time : 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Venue : Pune ,Maharashtra

This sailing expedition is brought to by Places around Pune, this three-day event will let you loosen the nerves and chill in a very chilled way. Do your favourite things that you like to do and unwind. In this three-day trip, you will sail to Bambolim Beach and have a time of your life. Book your seat now.

Paragliding – Time to fly like an Eaglebook now

Date : February 28, 2016
Time : 6:00 am – 4:00 pm
Venue : Kamshet , Pune ,Maharashtra

This adventure is brought to the public to increase its awareness and also to encourage people to face their fears and challenge it. If you were scared of the heights and had always wanted to conquer that fear, this will be the right place to begin it with. Register now, to fly.

Rupin Pass Himalayan Trekbook now

Date : June 11, 2016 – June 18, 2016
Time : 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Venue : Pune ,Maharashtra

This eight-day trekking camp will take you to the Rupin Pass in the Himalayan Ranges. The journey will begin at Dehradun and end at the camp. This journey will slowly get you accustomed to living in high altitudes as the Rupin Pass is at 4,500 meters above sea level. Register now.

Himalayan Trek to Beas Kund – 11600ft book now

Date : April 13, 2016 – April 17, 2016

Time :  6:00 am – 3:00 pm

Venue : Beas Kund,Manali ,Himachal Pradesh

Beas Kund in Himachal Pradesh is known as the land of the Snow Mountains. If you are looking to plan a trip when the time is right, this could be the one. The trip has been planned in April, this buys you to time to get in shape, for all those who are already in shape, you could get your basics on trekking right. A picture can say more than a thousand words and not even thousands picture can tell you the feeling of the view of the earth from 11600 ft above sea level. Book your passes now, for the number of registrations for this event are 30.

Trek to Everest Base Camp book now

Date : April 30, 2016 – May 14, 2016

Time : 9:00 am – 8:00 am

Venue : Everest Base Camp

The trek is to the base camp of the Mount Everest. The highest peak in the world. At 17,590 feet the air is going to be a lot thinner, life is going to seem a lot more precious and every ray of hope to push you you to the top of the camp will give you a new lease on life. This trek is going to be difficult, so please register only if you are mentally and physically fit. Register now.

Happy Trailing 🙂

Vimal Mohan

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