Lake side camping and jungle trekking at Vasota


Trek 3842 ft to visit paradise

The expanse of the earth is beyond fascinating and there are only a bunch of people who make the effort to explore the unknown. The fear of death, the risk involved and adrenaline being pumped into blood, this is the package deal that drives trekkers to take the road not taken. One such adventurous trip is the Lake side camping and Jungle trek at Vasota. This is a two-day event,which begins at 12.15 pm on October 31 and ends at 9.00 pm on November 1, 2015.

So, get ready to explore the terrains of the Vasota that stands amidst the evergreen forests of the Koyna wildlife sanctuary,Maharashtra. This sanctuary covers a wide expanse of 423 km and is a habitat for tigers, panthers, gaurs, sloth bears, barking deer, giant squirrels, otters, and other common langoors.

The trek would be to the fort in Satara District of Maharashtra. The fort is now in ruins and it is now a famous trekking destination. Situated over 3,842 ft above sea level this is counted among the dream destinations of every trekker and the scenic beauty will surely sweep you off your feet. This is an experience that will take you closer to the nature.trekking

The organizers have planned well to ensure that your two days are spent well. The agenda for day one is to reach the base village and relax in the mesmerizing sunset and chill by the side of camp fire. It’s on the second day when the trip begins to get adventurous. The day will begin with a ferry ride to the bottom of the hill, followed by the strenuous trek through the dense jungles to top of Vasota.

Once on top, the place is an explorer’s paradise and people who are keen on getting their pictures clicked would not find a better backdrop. This is an expanse of greenery and beauty at 3800 ft.
The trek up and down the hill promises a variety of flora and fauna for all the nature buffs.

The entry of registrations is limited to 30 people, so hurry and book your slot now to make memories in the jungles of Vasota.

Happy trekking 🙂

Vimal Mohan

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