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Dos and don’ts for the best trekking experience


These quick hacks will make sure your first trekking experience is a walk in the park If you are a beginner just learning the ropes in trekking, it can be an intimidating experience without the right kind of guidance. This is for all you newbie trekkers out there who want...

Hyderabad Corporate Olympics

It’s time for Corporate Olympics


Hyderabad Corporate Olympics by RosePetals is back with its fifth edition: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and with all the stress that keeps the employees in the cloister of corporate offices buzzing, there sure seems to be a need to pull them out of the...


Lake side camping and jungle trekking at Vasota


Trek 3842 ft to visit paradise The expanse of the earth is beyond fascinating and there are only a bunch of people who make the effort to explore the unknown. The fear of death, the risk involved and adrenaline being pumped into blood, this is the package deal that drives...

training startups

Upcoming training events you should not miss


Training events are designed to help people learn, understand, implement certain methodologies, techniques, and new ideas related to work and personal lives. Here are a few training programs to elevate a person’s approach in many aspects and help in evolving a new learning curve. Hyderabad Confluence – Semi-annual toastmasters conference...


Upcoming running events you should go to!


Running events you shouldn’t miss Running is a calling for a few and a sport to others. Few of us do it occasionally and few often think of doing it. Wherever you are in this bucket, rise up for the challenge and pick an event. If you have legs of...


Run a marathon on an F1 track.


Buddh international circuit is now open for a running race The Buddh International circuit will be hosting an event that will allow you to race without a license. This one will be different as you would be racing on an F1 track with your legs. Here is an opportunity to...

SAFe Agile Workshop and Certification

Upcoming Agile and Scrum events to attend


The terms agile and scrum might not be new to you if you are a project manager or aspiring to be one. And if you are hoping to scale up the corporate ladder with the skills that will set you apart from the herd, here is a list of the top...