The best way to unwind, go kayaking


Waters don’t swirl in a tank. Yet, Hussain Sagar water swirls. While the muscular professionals did that crocodile act, the novices too took to water like ducks.

The enthusiasts paddled their way into the Hussain Sagar whose periphery is abuzz with the usual traffic.

Saturday morning added a perfect weather for the kayaks to move past one another. The paddle is the rudder, propeller and steers the way for the kayak.

Kayaking at the Yacht club of Hyderabad is a perfect way to unwind on weekends. This is a regular event. This sport is a good start of the leisurely day.kayaking

On Saturday, there was a large crowd of kayaking enthusiasts who thronged the Yacht club of Hyderabad. The crowd was a mix of experienced and novice kayakers. The instructions were clear and the risk involved in the sport was also clear.

A majority of the attendees were new to this sport. This meant that there was a large portion of the crowd who could make mistakes while on the boat, and that could prove fatal or could cause the kayak to capsize.

Safety First:
Safety is the primary concern. All participants had to wear a life jacket at all times. A kayak has a capacity of three people and the whole group was bifurcated into swimmers and non-swimmers. This was done to ensure that a kayak had at least two swimmers at all times. Keeping calm if the kayak capsized was necessary, as a panic attack in the middle of a 32-foot deep lake could prove fatal.

The Fun Side:
Getting in and out of the kayak was just as thrilling as the sport itself. Kayaking requires balance and coordination. All the three kayakers would have to maintain the same momentum and direction. This is a team activity and every one at the event had done a wonderful job at not letting the kayak flip.

Exercise :
This is a very tiring exercise. It requires you to move the paddle with just your arms. You should not move your torso while rowing as it imbalances the kayak and lead to a capsize. This means that a lot of strain would be applied on your forearm, bicep, tricep, chest, and shoulder muscles. This is a great exercise that could make your upper body strong as a rock.kayaking

The joy of winning:
After a good hour of kayaking and making the attendees familiar to the sport and the vessel, there was a race conducted in kayaks for all those who were excited about it. The attendees were split into teams and were given the opportunity to compete against each other. This was the icing on the cake as everyone at the event wanted to show how much they’ve learnt and how good they were from the lot.kayaking

The rescue squad:

Rescue for any mishap was carefully planned. Every kayak had a trainer at all times. The trainer along with a swimmer would be able to handle the situation during a capsize till the rescue boat arrived. No participant was allowed to get near the pontoon. The rescue boat was a firm Dinky that could hold at least six people.

The session ended with hot Idlis being served as breakfast. The best way to end an exhausting sport event. So, though it’s tiring and scary, it’s worth taking the risk as it will definitely give you an experience of a lifetime. You never know, you might like it so much that you get into the depths of this sport and become a sailor.

Vimal Mohan

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