Brain challenge; win a chance to visit USA or Singapore

Brain challenge

Test your brains at Online Super Brain Challenge 2015

Being a school student, did you ever think you wanted to design something scientific in nature like the “clock kid” of Texas who made it to the White House on the pretext of showcasing his handmade clock at the Science fair? Or, did you ever want to do something extraordinary? Well, there is a competition yet to begin, focusing on assessing brain skills and it’s designed for students like you.

Winners get

Each participating student gets to compete with their opponents and in return if won, they stand a chance to visit the NASA center in Washington DC and Universal Studios in Singapore. Only the first five winning participants will get a chance to go to NASA and the next three to Universal Studios. Apart from these trips, there are more prizes to be won such as iPads, laptops, tablets, cycles and more.

What is Super Brain Challenge and why?

Super brain challenge is a competition designed for students of classes I-XII and there is no participation criteria or minimum percentage required to qualify.The challenge tests a student’s potential in five different aspects including memory power, linguistic skills, visual processing, focus and attention, and problem solving skills. This test helps participating students assess their analytical, memory and reasoning skills. Moreover it helps them understand how to utilize these skills and know how much effort more they need to put in to succeed in school and in the future with their careers.

When, where and how much?

Its an eight-day challenge that is fully conducted online. The challenge runs from November 14 – 22, 2015 from 8 AM to 8 PM. All students willing to participate need to register and registered students will receive an email from Edsix brain lab with their user credentials and access to the portal within 48 hours.

The online super brain challenge has a fee associated and participants are free to pick the price of their choice. A super brain challenge registration, which includes just the registration for the competition, is priced at 350 INR. Pay 550 INR and you also get a one-month training pack and 1250 INR if you wish to get a one-year subscription apart from the registration. This competition is not limited to your city and does not require anyone to travel anywhere. So, this may not last long. Hurry up and purchase your tickets today!

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