How to get more participants for your running event?


Offering tips and training get more participants to run

Are you an oragniser of a running event? If yes, you need to educate budding enthusiasts on how to prepare themselves for a running event. If you are a prospective participant, you need to know the pain points and understand the nuances involved in participating in such an event.

Event organisers can give out tips to participants — amateur, professional and prospective  — in their event. Maybe a session on how to go about by engaging a trainer could be of great help.

Here are the five tips we are giving out for the target participants.

Running is a sport that requires practice, dedication, discipline and the desire to run. Many plan to run. They are often in people’s new year and birthday resolutions list. But it is only a few who are able to begin. So if you are planning to run, here are a few tips that can encourage you to put your best foot forward.

1. Find that Cinderella’s missing shoe

Running is an exercise which stresses your ankle, calf, thigh and torso muscles. It is very essential that you have proper clothing and shoes to set your feet out. Purchase running shoes which keep you comfortable on the go. It is very important that the shoes you buy are of your exact size, as running in a shoe which is either bigger or smaller than your feet, even by few millimeters can be painful. So, make that extra effort to look around the stores, till you find the perfect fit. You could always take along a runner friend of yours for advise.

2. Expose your legs

Getting the right shorts for running is just as important. Look for shorts that keep you at ease. Most running shorts are made of fabrics which do not absorb sweat so that the shorts don’t get heavy. These shorts generally come with an inner lining which acts as an underwear, so that runners can avoid wearing underwears while running. Most runners prefer short length shorts, as the fabric does not rub against their thighs while taking strides.marathon

3. Warm up is just an essential :

We wake up, suit up and set to take our run. Before you begin the run, warming up your body is just as important. It helps boost blood flow and helps flex all the muscles in the body.

4. Be part of the herd

If you want to run faster, run alone. But if you wanna run farther, run with company. It’s always good to run with a partner or in a group. This helps you remain motivated and run for long. The perk of running with a group is that you get to know of their running styles and habits and you could always pick one of ‘em up if you find any of that suits you.

5. Let the music play

IPods, mp3s, disc mans or walkmans, or FM transmitters. Whatever you have, take ‘em  along. This keeps your mood groovy and your mind off the stress. You will run better if you do not think a lot about it and music can be a good diversion too. So, set your playlists and get going.

Challenge yourself. You don’t run to win, you run to finish it. So, book your slot now for the marathon on and be the change you wanted to be.

Happy running 🙂

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