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CISO Platform Annual Summit 2015

Are you one of those forensic inspired network or system administrators who is always on the lookout to learn more and understand how people are caught over the web? Are you willing to be that hero to save yourself or your company from being victimized? If yes, then there is a two-day workshop where you get trained on certain skill sets and learn network forensics and how to apply them, learn to utilize the tools and recognize traffic patterns associated with suspicious network behavior, suspicious activities such as emails, file transfers, web browsing and more.


Who should attend and what you get?

Basically, this workshop is designed for people involved in national security, law enforcement, government entities and military who will be trained in risk management, corporate security, information security, loss prevention and law enforcement personnel who come across digital evidence during an investigation.

People with basic to intermediate level knowledge of networking and general security, such as network engineers and network security professionals, must attend this training. As a participant, you will learn how to recognize misconfigurations in the network security infrastructure. You would also be acquainted with utilization of tools to look for suspicious network behavior based on traffic patterns, usage of open source tools for network forensic analysis and detailed analysis of web browsing, emailing, file transfers that appear suspicious in nature and could be used as evidence.

Upon completion of this training, each trainee will get a DVD of networking and forensic tools, reference documents for a library of network forensic analysis, cheat sheets, and training material.


Fee and place

The two-day CISO Platform Annual Summit 2015 is scheduled on  November 19-20, 2015 at The Leela in Mumbai and tickets have been priced at 12000 INR that gives access to just the annual summit conference and no training or workshop sessions.

Different trainings and workshops are accessible with the 25000 INR pass and participants can choose to attend what they wish to learn. Payments made using different credit cards can avail the EMI facility on MeraEvents platform for 3,6,9,12 months.



The co-founder of www.weekendsecurity.org ” Tamaghna Basu ” is credentialed with OSCP, ECSA, RHCE, GCIH, and CEH whose main areas of research has been web app security, exploit development, incident handling, and cyber forensic.

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