5 things to strike off your bucket list this Navami

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Navaratri celebrations reach its peak on Day 9 and here are the must-dos for the day

The festivities reach a feverish pitch on the ninth day of Navaratri as the Dandiya season draws to a close. It’s the time when the entire city joins the celebrations as the final day is celebrated in a grandiose manner as a fitting sendoff to the season.

1) Celebrate the final day at an amazing Dandiya night

It’s the penultimate day to the Durga Puja celebrations and the last day of the Dandiya season, it’s surely the biggest day in terms of fanfare. The best way to celebrate the end of the season is at a Dandiya night as the entire community joins in for the festivities and the pandals are packed. Navaratri has always been about community and a sense of togetherness and there is no better way to celebrate it than to go out for a night of unbridled dancing and celebration.

2) Bring out your inner fashionista

Navami is the most popular day of the Navratri season and all eyes will be on you. We caught up with a few revelers during the Navratri celebrations at Imperial Gardens, Secundrabad who were eagerly looking forward to Navami. Srimoyee Roy an enthusiastic young fashionista commented, “ It’s the unwritten rule of Navratri that you save your best dress for Navami evening, It’s the most special day for me as it’s celebrated with great grandeur in Kolkata and it makes me really nostalgic of my childhood”

.3)Go Pandal hopping

The last day of the celebrations are bound to be amazing and each pandal or Dandiya night has its own unique way of celebrating Navami. There could be a couple or more amazing events happening in your city so if you’re up for it pandal hopping is a fun thing to do on Navami. If you are in Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore or Mumbai we have a few must visit Dandiya events for a fitting finale to Navratri season.

4) It’s truly an auspicious occasion

If you are setting out on a brave new endeavor be it a business, studies or something personal it’s a day to take the blessings of Goddess Saraswati  the deity of knowledge and wisdom. In South India, the day is celebrated as Ayudha Puja and the tools of any trade are decorated and worshipped. It could be books, tools, machinery or even automobiles. Ayudha Puja is when you seek the blessings of Saraswati in your trade and life as you start a new endeavor on Dashami.

5)Experience the regional flavour and twists to the celebration

Each state has its own special way of celebrating Navami.  In northern states like Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh Kanya puja is celebrated. As part of the celebrations, nine young girls are invited into houses and worshipped as nine forms of the goddess. They are offered kheer, sweets fruits and other offerings. In Telangana, the celebrations coincide with the regional festival Bathukamma. It is primarily celebrated by women, who prepare beautiful flower stacks in different colours and arrangements. There are elaborate processions with thousands of woman carrying elaborate arrangements on their heads while singing and chanting popular folk songs. Immerse yourself in all hues of the festivities by participating in the regional festivities in your state.

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