10 Dandiya steps to ensure love’s labour’s not lost

10 Dandiya steps to ensure love’s labour’s not lost

Dandiya venue isn’t a dating hangout; yet you can impress

It’s not always an EDM or a Mainstream pop fest where you get hooked to an unknown partner or take along your sweetheart.

Who said love is all about being western? Certainly, not. It neither has a geography, nor does it have a theme. It just revolves around chemistry 😉 .

Who knows? Cupid may strike you even at a dandiya fare.

So, wear the glitter in your eyes and glint on your face and look around for that special someone who may match the first step with you. Maybe, that would be the best foot forward in the journey of both of your lives.

This dance, after all, may take you into a state of trance.

Here are a few tips that enhance your chances to win the heart of that special person.

  1. Dress up simply for the occasion. Stay away from the usual razzle-dazzle. Pompous and ostentatious presentation of self always spreads negative vibes. Flaunt your persona, not the ethnic wear which is the traditional outfit. Prefer simple colours, as gaudy and scintillating hues are repulsive.
  2. Demo your energy, but not eagerness. If you come across as an eager person or if the potential date finds you drooling, chances are that you will be dumped. Remorse would not be a recourse.
  3. Be that elusive person and let your target’s eyes search for you. But do not give an impression that you are avoiding or uncomfortable being followed. Your gesture of bolstering confidence in that special one elevates impression about you.dandiya
  4. Don’t hang around to draw unnecessary attention. Manage to stay within the vicinity, but do not let anyone get a wind of your intent or drop hints that you are being creepy. Take necessary care not to appear to be a stalker. Over action doesn’t carry any extra marks. At times, it carries, negative marks.
  5. Don’t put on too much of makeup. Keep it so much simple that it only looks elegant, but not a complete makeover.
  6. Unless you must, as part of the dandiya dance, do not try and touch your target person physically. That may offend the other person and take away the kick of the whole effort.
  7. A smile is fine. Lol is a big no no, come what may. For, your laughter ain’t electronic music.
  8. A gentle perfume on you is fine. It shouldn’t be irritating or conspicuous. If someone who wants to get closer to you coughs when you go near, please be advised that you have lost.
  9. Last but not the least. Know that it is a dandiya event and not your first date with that special person. Keep the protocols in mind while enacting the steps — do not overstep the brief of the event. If possible, buy a pair of designer dandiya sticks and gift them to let the other person know you wanna match a step.
  10. Greet the person with a rose on your first meeting and, if you think, please offer to drive back home.


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A Saye Sekhar

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