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Experiences are for a lifetime

The world is my stage. This is the motto with which all attendees at a dandiya event walk in with. They travel long distances and go to the best events in the city to ensure that they swing and sway to the beats of music.

Namdhari Gaurav Navratri Utsav is one of the biggest dandiya events and is known for its performances. “The Challengers” from Mumbai will be performing live the whole season. These artists enthral the crowd with their music. So get your pass and go to the event, for you might not get this chance again.

As Saturday was a weekend day, milling crowds thronged the event organised at SS Convention in Shamshabad, closer to the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad.

The religious fervour and the razmatazz of traditional music and dance by youths clad in dazzling colours made the event scintillating.

The musicians kept the crowd entertained by playing their favorite tracks. They started off with less beats per minute and progressively increased the pace. This, in turn, revved up the pace of the dancers.dandiya

The whole event of dandiya is a visual treat, as the participants dressed themselves up in their best traditional attires. The event began with garba. People came dressed in their garba costumes and shook a leg to the beats of folk music. Garba is a dance style which is easy to pick up instantly. Even a novice attending a dandiya event can match her step for garba beats quickly, just by observing for a minute or two.

There are only a few difficult steps and they can be replaced by easier steps, keeping the dancing ease in mind. Everything is allowed as long as the new moves look either classy or sexy.

After two sweaty and fun-filled hours of garba, attendees were given a recess of 10-15 minutes before the next performance. These gaps are generally filled by hosting Tambola, Lucky draw, or with singing and dancing gigs by tiny-tots there. The verve and enthusiasm at the event kept the participants pleasant and energetic.

Dandiya was awaited at the venue by people who were well-versed with that style. It’s subtle with folk music. Dandiya has romance intertwined in it. The only form of communication present in these events is through eyes. Eyes can do a lot of talking đŸ˜‰ Dandiya requires practice, as in this form people would be playing with partners and coordination in pairs plays a paramount role.dandiya

Unlike garba, dandiya cannot be picked up instantly by a newbie. Yet, it is the combination of these dance styles that make the dandiya event memorable. So, go, shake your leg at any of the dandiya events in town and share your experiences and let the world know that you no longer say ” I don’t know how to play dandiya.”

Vimal Mohan

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