Join the Yacht club of Hyderabad for a Kayak ride


Are you an adventure sport lover?

Tired of going to libraries, parties, treks, long drives and many such beaten-track weekend plans? Here is the deal that will get your weekend hooked for the next few weekends.

The Yacht Club of Hyderabad is organizing kayak joy rides starting from this weekend at Hussain Sagar. This is the perfect way to unwind from stress and tension. Kayaking is a new thing and not many people from Hyderabad are into it. So, this is the perfect moment to grab if you are looking to do something unconventional.

Kayaking is a sport for all ages. The Yacht  Club will make you feel safe even in the deepest waters. Their trained and skilled instructors will help you take that leap. If you can’t swim, you can learn to be a kayaker, provided you have the will and are not afraid of water.


Join the Yacht club of Hyderabad for a Kayak ride

Kayaking is a known fitness sport like running, bicycling and hiking. This exercise increases your lung performance and also helps you chisel your upper body like the Greek god Zeus. It enhances chest, shoulder, bicep and tricep muscle development .Flat water Kayaking is one of the safest adventure sport as the instructing team will always be present to assist you.

This is a perfect way that you can choose to begin your weekend. The Yacht club of Hyderabad will be conducting this event till Decemeber 31 2015. If you are game for some serious learning, you can take the complete course by attending all the classes till the offer lasts.

The icing on the cake is that if you pay the booking fee for 5 people in a single transaction worth Rs 5250, the 6th person will be able to tag along for free. Also, if you book your registrations, you would be charged only 550 INR and you would have to pay 650 INR in spot registrations.

So what are you waiting for, book your tickets online at and get ready to take the waters in a kayak.

Vimal Mohan

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