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rain forest

Is your heart strong enough for the Rainforest Challenge?


Does your adrenaline kick in when you challenge the wild? The Rainforest Challenge (RFC) is one of the most widely known off-road races in the world. It is specifically conducted in during monsoon to make the race extra difficult and challenging. The first race of RFC was held in 1997...


36 Best Dandiya nights across India


The Navratri season is here and everyone is busy celebrating with friends and families at different dandiya events across cities in India. If you are yet to decide on the navratri dandiya event to attend, here is a list of some dandiya events happening in a city close to you....


Join the Yacht club of Hyderabad for a Kayak ride


Are you an adventure sport lover? Tired of going to libraries, parties, treks, long drives and many such beaten-track weekend plans? Here is the deal that will get your weekend hooked for the next few weekends. The Yacht Club of Hyderabad is organizing kayak joy rides starting from this weekend...