The Young Adventurer Camp 2015 by the Great Hyderabad Adventure Club

Adventure camp

Gift your children the adventure of a lifetime

The Young Adventurer Camp is a 5 Day, 4 night residential camp organized at Outlife Campsite, Divya Retreat, Keesaragutta, Ramlingam Palle, Bommalaramaram Road in Hyderabad. The camp is aimed at bringing children closer to nature with an array of outdoor sports and experiences. Imagine the first time you went camping with your dad, or maybe climbed up that mango tree in your neighbour’s yard, or when you went swimming in the glistening village stream. If your face lights up with a smile, it’s because your experiences with nature were a fundamental and formative part of your life.

The children of today are deprived of these simple pleasures of learning from nature. We all live in city spaces, flats and concrete cubicles and our children pay the price. Children often end up developing sedentary lifestyles and get hooked to television, computer games and other sorry substitutes. They spend less time outdoors and are deprived of the benefits of a lifestyle in touch with nature.

This Adventure camp is aimed at bringing our children back in touch with nature. The camp has been organized by ‘Outlife’ and is being conducted for children of age group 8-15 years. It gives children the opportunity to connect with nature and develop important life skills. Children who attend such outdoor camps have been shown to display increased self-confidence, and develop a can-do attitude.

The camp is geared at teaching children practical outdoor and life skills through nature and adventure based Learning, outdoor skills, cultural  and personality development activities. The stay for the camp will  be in camping tents with basic hygiene, mobile toilets and safety arrangements. The organizing staff are CPR and First Aid Certified. A Paramedic will be available at the camp on all days and security measures have been made to ensure your ward’s safety.

Young Adventure Camp The 5 day camp covers a crash course in :- • Knots and lashing • Tent pitching and trenching • Outdoor skills – Fire, water, shelter, food • Star gazing • Rock climbing and rappelling • River crossing • Raft building • Outdoor cooking • Map reading and navigation • Treasure hunt • Team games

Outlife seeks at inspiring a spirit of adventure in the camp and get your kids to experience nature first hand. The camp follows a disciplinary policy to make sure your child makes the most of Outlife experience. The camp also insists on the child being more self reliant by providing an ecosystem where they can explore their personalities and build lasting friendships away from the distractions of gadgets and the stressors of city life.

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