5 things to change the traditional way of celebrating Navaratri


Are you up for changes?

The season of dance and devotion is here. All the dandiya enthu are heading towards events to celebrate Navaratri. Let’s make this Navaratri unique by doing five things in a different way.

Car Pool:
The event starts at 8 pm and most of the times, we are stuck in traffic even after an hour and a half after beginning to drive towards the venue. That’s because everyone is taking out their cars to the venue. To avoid irritating traffic jams and arriving late at the venue, why don’t you get together with others for car pooling? You could hitch a ride with your friends or colleagues or relatives to the venue. No traffic Jams, more fun at dandiya 🙂

Park well:
We are all thrilled and excited about storming into the venue and killing it there with our groovy dandiya moves. But let’s not indulge in random and undisciplined parking. Parking our cars should be done with a little patience as improper and irregular parking wreaks havoc and confusion.

Group Passes :

We all agree that dandiya is a group event and it’s no fun to dance unless there is the gang to dance along with. Taking a group pass is a preferable idea as it avoids a lot of confusion and gets you a very good discount from the organizer.

Dandiya Sticks (Hold on to ’em ):

Dandiya sticks is the most important prop for dandiya. We tend to buy a new pair of dandiya sticks at the event every time we go, as they do not cost us more than 20 bucks. We use and discard them later at the venue after the event. These sticks are collected by the vendors at the venue and are sold again after refurbishing. It’s very likely that you will end up paying for the same pair of dandiya sticks more than once. So preserve them at least for all the nine days in the current dandiya season.

Eat well:
Dandiya is a very tiring dance form. After the event, it is very natural that you would love to rush to the nearest stall in the venue to do some pet pooja! So, why not consider a gastronomical journey. There are a lot of vendors who stay up late at the stalls at the dandiya venue in the Navaratri season. Let’s help them get better.


Yum Yum, dhokla


Vimal Mohan

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