Mastering communication for influence

learn to communicate effectively!

Learn to Speak Productively and convey your message effectively in this 3 day training camp!

Master the power of persuasion through communication

It’s all about speaking, more like getting trained to speak productively. Mastering communication for Influence is a camp for key stakeholders across major firms or other prospective speakers who may or have faced difficulties in addressing audiences in large numbers. Obviously, no one likes a sleeping audience, especially not the speaker.

What’s in it?

The three-day boot camp is intended at getting you to position yourself across the masses and put across your message using the right platform. This training will teach you how to choose the right platform depending upon your message utilizing your disruptive concept and putting it across using the right methodologies without worrying too much about it. Speaking involves marketing aspects, and in order to get your commercial message delivered as expected, it must be packaged in a certain way so it reaches your desired audience even when you don’t speak a word. It’s the art of communicating, its a fashion where you choose words that attract, explain and give an understanding that is required.

Time and Place

Mastering communication to influence is a three-day training camp with established speakers assigned to train participating individuals for influential and persuasive speaking. The camp goes on for three days from November 20, 2015 to November 22, 2015. The first two days will be 12 hour marathon training sessions running from 10am to 10pm and the last day will be from 10am to 5pm. The training is scheduled to take place at Courtyard  Marriott in Mumbai across the international airport, CTS 215, opposite Sangam BIG cinemas on Andheri East Kurla Road.

Fee and Payment

The workshop comes with a registration fee of 29,000 INR exclusive of the 14% service tax payable using any major credit or debit cards. The price may appear to be a little steep for a three-day workshop, but the fee also includes the two nights and three day stay at the Marriott on a twin sharing basis. Credit card holders may avail the easy monthly instalment facility by their respective banks if they wish to do so divided into 3,6,9,12 months when the ticket is booked on


This workshop has a total of eight scheduled speakers, four are from Australia and the rest are from India. Apart from these, the CEO of Empowering Enterprises Sam Cawthorn who is a 15 year old internationally recognized speaker who has spoken with former President Bill Clinton and Dalai Lama will also be a speaker at this boot camp. So, book your slots today before they run out, because speakers are always limited and the audience is always huge. Unfortunately, Marriott also does not have an unlimited seating capacity.

Syed Hussaini

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