Here are 5 must know gifting ideas for Navaratri

Tickets Dandiya

This Dandiya season, make sure you show some love with these ideas for a perfect gift

1.Gift tickets to a Dandiya night in your city

Gifting experiences is the in thing. This Navaratri, surprise your loved ones by gifting them with passes to the best Dandiya events in the city. There are weekend passes, season passes, single day passes to fit all budgets. If you want the entire family to have a fun time for Navaratri, make sure that there is something for everyone from shopping for the ladies, games to keep the young ones entertained, dancing and great food for everyone.

There are a number of events with Navaratri and Dandiya nights featuring celebrity performers, a new trend. Navaratri is the perfect occasion to take time out and celebrate with family. Pick your city, your choice of event and book tickets for Dandiya nights all over India from MeraEvents.

2.Clothes that fit the occasion

Navaratri is the season where everyone dresses up to look their best. Check out the latest in ethnic fashion and make sure your loved ones are the showstoppers at the Garba Ras. Try experimenting with ethnic prints, bandhani sarees, lehengas and bejeweled fabrics. If you want to spice it up a bit, try backless dresses, patiala pants or kurtis with sequin work, embroidery, shells or beads.

3.Accessories, accessories, and more accessories

This is the perfect gift to go with that stunning Dandiya outfit. Do some sneaking around and find out what your loved one is wearing and get some personalized accessories to bling up that outfit. Studs, necklaces, brooches or even bold statement pieces surprise your special lady with a beautiful bit of jewellery. There is no better place to shop for Navaratri than at a Dandiya night or a Navaratri exhibition. There are a lot of dedicated stalls for Navaratri merchandise, fashion and accessories, all at great prices. Book your tickets for a Dandiya night that’s popular in your city and get some great deals on Dandiya shopping.

4.For those with a sweet tooth

You can choose a gift box with the choicest mithai of the Navratri season. You can also personalize these gift boxes with handmade wacky patterns, block prints, shiny gold papers and ribbons. Use fabrics like bandhani or silk to give it a premium feel. You can use sari boxes, old tiffin boxes or crates and with a little bit of imagination, glue and glitter you can get a personalized mithai box which you can fill up with Navaratri specials like Kaju katli, Coconut laddoo,Vrat ka halwa, or Sabudana laddoo.

5.Dandiya sticks

What else could be more thoughtful than gifting your loved ones a personalized pair of Dandiya sticks? The Dandiya sticks have come to symbolize Navratri and are iconic of the fun, frolic and all night dancing that the season is about. Gift your loved ones a pair of Dandiya sticks and watch them light up with joy.

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