8 precautions to take while attending a Dandiya event

Dandiya night

Here are a few quick hacks to stay safe this Dandiya season.

It’s important to know exactly what you are in for when going to a Dandiya event, especially if you aren’t a big fan of crowds or are hyper allergic. Any outdoor event is a hotbed for germs especially when hygiene standards are not adhered to. Keep all this in mind while attending the event.

1.Stay hydrated: You will be doing a lot of running around and dancing the whole night can take its toll if you aren’t properly hydrated. It is also essential to drink lots of water before the event because dehydration can cause muscle cramps that can ruin your big night. Make sure you have enough water with you and preferably carry your own. If you aren’t keen on packing your own bottles then make sure you buy bottled hygienic water.

2.Take regular breaks: Take time off to cool off during the event. It is tempting to go on all night without a break and the thumping beats of the dhol make it impossible to stop. It’s always important to take 5 minutes to stretch and relax yourselves before another round of dancing. Dandiya and Garba are physically straining especially if you don’t exercise regularly and are used to a sedentary lifestyle.

3.Don’t over exert yourself: The key to making the most out of any event is to not overexert yourself and stay balanced. It’s important not to over exert yourself especially if you plan on dancing throughout the nine nights. Make sure you are not straining yourself.

4.Bring hand sanitizer and basic hygiene products: Well, this goes without saying for all events. It’s important to carry basic hygiene products like hand sanitizers and wet wipes. It helps you stay worry free especially if you plan to eat at the event. Make sure your hands are clean and germ-free before gorging on those Navratri delicacies.

5.Know all the exit routes: Before you go for the event make sure you know all the exit routes in case of a stampede, a fire or any other unfortunate mishap. Any crowded event has the potential to go sour so it’s important to know the exit routes beforehand.

6.Keep the contact details of the organizer handy:It always helps to know the contact details of the organizer in case there is a mishap at the event. It’s always better to reach across directly to the organizer in case of an emergency. Volunteers may often be misinformed and may not be able to help out.

7.Protect your privacy: Protecting your privacy is essential in today’s world of social media. Make sure photographers are not taking unsolicited photographs as they might be used to create fraudulent fake profiles or misused. It’s always better to keep an eye out for these sly shutterbugs.

8.Carpool to avoid traffic: Dandiya nights are big crowd pullers and attract up to 8,000 people for a single event in the case of big ticket events with celebrity performances. These Dandiya nights usually happens in peak traffic hours and with the number of people, travelling to the venue can be a nightmare. Go green this Navaratri and carpool with a few friends. You could also use services like Uber or Ola to avoid the hassles of parking at the venue.


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