Navratri or a Dance festival ?

Navratri or Dandiya

Make the most of this Dandiya season !

The festival of dance is almost here and people are seen preparing for the fast-approaching Navratri. It is important to understand the significance of Navratri when being part of it and especially when buying tickets to being a part of the dandiya dance for the nine nights. The whole idea of Navratri has transformed into a music festival where people of all faiths participate only to dance the night away without knowing who is it for, why and how is it celebrated.

After all, how does it matter? The festival has apparently extended its fabric to promoting inter-religious amity.


Arrangements for dandiya nights are made well in advance. Event management companies swing into action and reserve huge open grounds for the event in their efforts to make a quick dollar. Whether the event lasts a day or the entire season of nine days, they take no chances even with the minutest detail in terms of arrangements.

It’s not just with an eye on their cut, but to embellish the event with the necessary paraphernalia that they sell even dandiya sticks at the venues. For business promotion, this a great opportunity to invest and make money. The faithful put in their efforts in being a little more serious and religious each year. Those who have invested once re-invest the following year and so on to become a popular host.

Navratri is a festival that is actually celebrated for nine nights and 10 days where people dance around the female goddess Durga without any music. The only music that’s originally heard is from the sound of shaking the legs. If it’s practiced and done the way it’s required, people who are truly serious about Navratri would be the only ones seen there. And, of course, it will not need a celebrity to surprise dancers on any given day.

But the conduct of Dandiya events have evolved over the years adopting modernity and begun adding new trappings to the event. The celebrity appearance and signing and dancing have naturally begun drawing crowds who wilfully spend thousands just to have a glance at them.Dandiya nights are a show where people buy clothes especially for the occasion that is based on colour and theme which differ everyday for the nine-nights. This line of seasonal clothing does not come cheap, though.

Syed Hussaini

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