5 tips to make you stand out this dandiya season


Tips to give you that extra push

Navaratri is one of the most awaited festivals in the year, and one of the main reasons for that is because girls and women love to play dress up for dandiya. They want to have the attire that stands out in the crowd. Expensive or not, people are ready to pay to make sure that no one else steals their thunder in those nine days.

1. Go simple :
Women at dandiya events are known for their heavy and pompous clothing. Break the trend and go simple. Wear a simple costume that doesn’t show, pomp and wealth, yet makes you look elegant and beautiful. Suit up with clothes that compliment you for who are you.

2. Accessorize :
Accessories can be a good touch for your attire. New trends and designs can always be a safer choice. But if you are in a mood to experiment, walk into the bazaar and try out a few new earrings or bracelets and see if they would go along with your wardrobe.

3. Top the backless with a temporary tattoo :
The crowd will be filled with women flaunting their backless choli. To stand out, you could get a temporary tattoo on your posterior neck or your back. Any image that describes your personality will be the best choice as it adds life and meaning to the tattoo. Also, you always have a story to tell when someone walks up to you and asks what the tattoo means.


4. Frock is the new in-thing :
While the crowd is busy looking all the same in their dandiya costumes, you could steal the show by flaunting yourself in a frock that has all the traditional folk designs. You could match these with shoes and a purse.

5. Sport a Falguni Pathak jacket:
If look good, look different is your style ka funda, you should definitely try the Falguni Pathak jacket. You could pair it up with a pair of jeans or a long skirt and look dashing.

So, dress up new and have fun this Navaratri.

Vimal Mohan

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