6 reasons why we love Navaratri

Dandiya nights during Navaratri

Dhol, Dandiya, Garba and everything we love about the Navaratri season

Everyone is in the festive spirit

Its that time of the year again and Navratri is right around the corner. Everyone is excited about the festive season and getting dressed up in their favourite ethnic wear, looking at their best. The beautiful glittering sarees, the rhythmic tapping of Dandiya sticks to the beat of the dhol and the foot-tapping music are enough to light up everyone’s face with a smile.

It’s full of glitz, glamour and celebrities

Garba and Dandiya nights have the best of delicious food, designer clothes, glitz, glamour and is a chance to see our favourite celebrities in action. It’s the time when our favorite singers like Falguni Pathak, Preeti and Pinky, Sunidhi Chauhan and Manisha Savla attend and sing at Garba nights and Dandiya events all across your city bringing up the glamour quotient of the festival by quite a few notches.

The Navratri delicacies are to die for

This is the time we get to taste all those delicious and mouth-watering vrat delicacies like Aloo singhada Dahi Vada,  Miti Katli, Sabudana khichdi, Gajar Ki Kheer, Gajar ka Halwa and Nariyal pag. It’s the best time if you have a sweet tooth as there are a lot of sweets made especially for the season. If you’re a foodie, it’s the best time to get a taste of Gujarati cuisine.

It’s a time we can all dress up and look our best

It’s a time when we can experiment with various traditional looks mixing and matching for that perfect look that makes you the showstopper at the Dandiya night. Bandhani fabrics and lehariya patterns are the hip designs of the season.The latest trends are incorporating Pallazo pants, Nehru jackets, and bejeweled kurtis into the traditional Navaratri outfits. Saffron, Red, Bright Yellow, Emerald green are the favourites and now neon colors are also the in thing.

Dandiya night

It’s a taste of authentic Gujarati culture

Food, fashion, people or dance, it’s the time when we get an insider look at Gujarati culture. They are famous for their hospitality and their rich culture. If you have a Gujarati friend, don’t miss out on the opportunity and attend a Garba Ras or a Dandiya night with them. We assure you it’s an experience you won’t forget

Dandiya is the time to shop till you drop

Instead of going all the way to Gujarat to buy ethnic clothes and jewellery, it’s a time when the best of Gujarati fashion, fabrics, jewelry and art are readily available at stalls and tuck shops all across the city. There are also regular exhibitions in the run up to Dandiya to make sure everyone gets a chance to look their best for Dandiya season. The goodies are sources directly from  Ahmedabad, Kutch, Surat and it’s the time to stock up on the best that ethnic wear has to offer.


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