International Summit for Women Entrepreneurs

International summit for women entrepreneurs

The Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs ( COWE ) began its journey back in 2004. It started with the mission to set up a women’s business association by helping women in all aspects to choose a line of work they like and becoming a business owner thereby shaping them into social, economic, and political powers.

The confederation meets often to educate women and honor successful women entrepreneurs. The upcoming edition of the event of COWE is scheduled to be held in Bangalore under the COWE Karnataka chapter that highlights women empowerment and is also recognised for its effort in providing a helping hand to the government in establishing the vision of Make in India.


WISE 2015 AIM is bringing together women entrepreneurs, intellectual achievers, professionals, consultants, company executives, academicians, aspiring entrepreneurs, students, corporate achievers, students and other women delegates from around the world under one roof to share experiences and gain knowledge so that they identify key issues in helping them make the vision of Narendra Modi “Make in India” come true. This they seek to do by providing self-employment, training of skills to leverage themselves and sustaining in their efforts to excel in their line of work is the spirit they maintain.

When and where?

The women’s international summit for entrepreneurs is scheduled to take place from October 28 to October 31, 2015 at the Bangalore international exhibition centre, 10th mile, Tumkur road, Madavara post, Dasanapura Hobli, Bangalore.

Women entrepreneurs summit

Who can attend?

Women of all ages are allowed to attend, but they need to purchase the appropriate pass. The pricing of which starts from 750 INR for students, 2000 INR for partner associations, 1500 INR for COWE members, 300 USD for international delegates, 2500 INR for non-COWE members, and a full season pass for 8500 INR, exclusive of 14% service tax.

Key takeaways

Women entrepreneurs from various industries including micro, small, and medium level enterprises will share their experiences, success stories, as speakers, venture capitalists, international buyers, and participants. These stories will focus on industries such as green business, manufacturing, education, textiles and garments, information technology, agriculture and horticulture, biotechnology, entertainment, tourism infrastructure and many more. Delegates from countries like USA, Africa, Malaysia, UK, Pakistan, China, Singapore, UAE, Hongkong, Italy and Canada including many more countries apart from the Indian delegation of 500 and more are expected to attend this event.

So, make sure you book your ticket and be part of this inspiring event.

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