Navratri means big business for event organizers this festival season

Navratri Dandiya night

Here is how you can make your Dandiya night a big hit through event tech.

Dandiya nights in the city have always been big crowdpullers. This season promises to be bigger, better and even more of a dhamaka with big ticket organizers and events lined up to make sure you have an amazing time this Navratri. There are a number of events on offer like Dandiya bashes, Garba and Raas nights. The celebrations are changing with the times and event organizers are vying for their piece of the Navratri pie.

Navratri is one of the busiest seasons for event organizers in India with events being organized all across the city from Dandiya nights to Garba Ras andDurga Puja. The entire city is buzzing with energy. There are many legends attached to Navratri like all Indian festivals. It is one of the most celebrated festivals and holds a special significance for the Gujarati and Bengali community.

Organizing a Dandiya event is an expensive affair. It involves obtaining several licenses and permissions. The organizers will have to finalize the venues for their events well in advance, choose and freeze on the who are the artists, troupes, costumes, lighting and décor. The event can cost an organizer quite a sum and they have to make sure the event is well promoted to ensure higher footfall. There are big ticket events lined up for Hyderabad like Namdhari Gaurav Navratri Utsav and Simpolo Navratri Utsav that attract crowds of close to 60,000 over the nine days of the event.

Navaratri celebrations

Event tech can help avoid the guessing game.

Skip the last minute guessing game and promote your event using better data. Online ticketing can help event organizers get data on their event attendees like email addresses, names and phone numbers. Maninder Malhotra of Namdhari events, organizers of Namdhari Gaurav Navratri Utsav, one of the biggest Navaratri events in Hyderabad,says: “Often getting accurate data about footfall and demographics of the attendees is difficult due to heavy crowds on the event day.” Using event technology to get simplified demographic data can help make better and more informed decisions and is a valuable bit of business intelligence especially for events being held annually.

The event organizers can message event details, venue, updated artist line-up, and special offers to their attendees to build word of mouth. Meraevents has products dedicated to providing attendee data and handling on-site ticketing using the latest box office technology.Printing of wristbands, tickets and tracking entry becomes easy with event technology and this same information can be used for targeted promotions, approaching for sponsorships, footfall tracking, decision making regarding stalls and deciding on the venue. Better data helps event organizers make better decisions for their Dandiya night.

Build a better brand using merchandise

Send out personalized invitations with sequins, colorful threadwork, and iconic imagery. Use auspicious symbols and deities or images on such invitations. Gift boxes, goodie bags, mithai and such goodies can be paired up with VIP passes or bulk bookings to ensure that your event attendees feel special this Navaratri.

Ticketing and online promotion.

Partner with an online event technology platform/company to ensure increased visibility. Online marketing is the key to tap into your target audience for event organizers. Associating with an event technology partner for greater visibility and promotion across social media platforms ensures direct conversions. This eliminates the need to have separate teams for handling ticketing and promotions. MeraEvents has a host of technology solutions that can be leveraged by organisers of Navaratri events.

Hype it up on social media and get conversions through ticketing widgets

Make sure that the event is trending across all social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Create event profiles, twitter handles and mailing lists. Make sure you send out emails and SMSes to your regular clients and update them with event details.All communication should be embedded with an event ticketing widget to help the communication effectively drive conversions.


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