5 tips to stay safe at music festivals

Skrillex diplo at Las Vegas XS night Club

Gang violence and Stabbing at Jack U Labor Day gig

The alarming lack of safety standards and crowd control wreaked havoc at two separate EDM events this week the Jack U Labor day gig at Vegas and the 17th annual Technoparade festival at Paris. A gang fight broke out at the Skrillex Diplo gig at XS Nightclub in Vegas on labor day weekend when the night took a turn for the worse and 4 people were stabbed in an incident of gang violence and are in critical condition. The altercation broke out at XS Nightclub and came to light after a piece by TMZ. The fight involved around 20 people and there were suspected gang affiliations as a victim came forward admitting to having gang ties and did not want to press charges. The incident left 4 people with multiple stab wounds and injuries. Victims had serious injuries including punctured lungs and a spleen, however, no deaths were reported.

Another tragic incident came to light as the organizers of the Technoparade festival made a statement on Facebook about the tragic death of a fan in an 80 foot fall from a statue at the 17th annual Technoparade festival in Paris. The incident occurred as fans were climbing up everything in sight in an attempt to get a better view of the main stage.

The two incidents brought to light the lax safety standards at these events and how organizers were caught unaware and often helpless in such situations. The accident serves as a harsh reminder to organizers about the need to have on-site medics and tougher security and crowd control as the mix of drugs, alcohol and music can often be a lethal combination and act as a trigger for violence and moshing that can soon get out of hand.

Skrillex diplo at Las Vegas XS night Club

Image courtesy : Jack U Official facebook page

Here are 5 tips to stay safe at the next festival you go to.

Keep an eye on the crowd

Stay with your friends and keep an eye out for each other. Mosh pits can turn into stampedes and  can be an unpleasant experience even for the seasoned festival goer.Staying with friends and keeping vigilant can help prevent such situations. Women are often easy targets at these events so it’s important to be extra cautious to prevent harassment and untoward advances.

Don’t drink to excess

Inebriation, drug abuse, and drink spiking are very common problems at these festivals with hard drugs like LSD, Meth, Oxycontin and ecstasy often available freely it is important to exercise restraint. It is best to stay in your senses and look out for anyone spiking your drink. Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, blurred vision, hallucinations, headache, seizures and mental confusion are symptoms of spiked drinks.

Keep your phone, keys and wallet safe

There is always a chance of pickpocketing at such crowded festivals or even just losing them in the frenzy of the moment. Make sure your valuables are safe and keep checking your person for your valuables or better yet keep them in a safe place and avoid carrying them to the mainstage unless absolutely unavoidable. In case of a robbery immediate report the case to the festival authorities.

Apply sunscreen, Bring protective gear, Stay Hydrated

Staying in the sun for hours on end for music festivals  like Sunburn or Supersonic can take its toll on your skin. Apply sunscreen, wear protective clothing and stay hydrated to make sure the party doesn’t end early for you.

Keep yourself informed

Keep contacts of festival security; memorize emergency exit routes and medical tents in the case of an unfortunate incident. Also keep your medical information including allergen info, blood groups, medical history and emergency contact details in your wallet or on your person at all times.

The string of unfortunate events showed us  a darker side of music festivals where cutting costs in security and proper medical care can often prove fatal for unsuspecting fans. These festivals are growing bigger and attracting even more crowds and there is an alarming increase in drug overdoses, sexual assaults, robberies and freak accidents.

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