Shake your leg at Dandiya nights this Navaratri

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Navaratri is soon to come. This is one of the many festivals in India that is celebrated throughout the country. It is celebrated throughout the nation under different names. Variations are many, yet the purpose is one. This is the beauty in it. Devotion is what flows through the blood of every individual in India and abroad at the time of this festival.

This festival marks the victory of Goddess Kali. The victory of good over evil. Navaratri brings together people of all ages. This brings to us colors, pomp, beauty and devotion in platters vivid.Come, celebrate Navaratri from October 13-22, at JVPD ground, Juhu, Vile parle West, Mumbai , Maharashtra.

The nine nights of Navaratri will be filled with colors as women dress themselves in nine different colors, one for each day. Men are known for wearing the traditional costume of Kediyu dhoti. Dandiya and Garba are the most important events that happen as a part of the rituals of this festival. Devotees of all ages move their bodies and souls to various numbers played at the venue. Make your celebration filled with joy, pomp and beauty by attending the carnival raas jalsa 2015.

They have been celebrating Navaratri for the past 3 years. They were always able to move thousands of people, who attend to worship the goddess and end their day beautifully with entertainment, packed with Garba and Dandiya. This year it is going to be even more exciting as Bhoomi Trivedi and Osman Mir would be present to sway the crowd with their exceptionally well-sung songs. Bhoomi Trivedi is the voice of Bollywood, who was able to mesmerize millions with her voice in the song ‘Ram Chahe Leela’. This song made her one of the most famous singers in the country.

Osman Mir is the male singer whose voice runs through your mind when you hear the song ” Nagada Sang Dhol” from Ram – Leela. He is known for his Ghazals.

So, join the celebrations at the carnival raas jalsa 2015. Let the colors of joy spread across the country and let’s make this the best Navaratri celebration till date. So hurry up and book your slot now!

Vimal Mohan

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