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Skrillex diplo at Las Vegas XS night Club

5 tips to stay safe at music festivals


Gang violence and Stabbing at Jack U Labor Day gig The alarming lack of safety standards and crowd control wreaked havoc at two separate EDM events this week the Jack U Labor day gig at Vegas and the 17th annual Technoparade festival at Paris. A gang fight broke out at the Skrillex...

navaratri, bhoomi trivedi

Shake your leg at Dandiya nights this Navaratri


Navaratri is soon to come. This is one of the many festivals in India that is celebrated throughout the country. It is celebrated throughout the nation under different names. Variations are many, yet the purpose is one. This is the beauty in it. Devotion is what flows through the blood...


One-day seminar on fostering employability


Being job-ready is essential for a successful career. And job-ready or employability is not just about the educational qualifications, but also about the need to have the required soft skills like communication, planning, decision making, etc., which play a key role in performance at work along with contributing to the...

Skanderborg Festival

It’s not every day one gets to sleep in a beer can.


May Ninkasi, the tutelary Sumerian Goddess of Beer, bless you a several gallons of times. Gallons of times? May sound incredible, unnatural and unmeasurable. To say the least, illogical too. Well, let us justify first the several gallons of times. On a lighter vein or a serious note, we would...