Learn the tricks of trade with Google AdWords

Google and its Magic.

AdWords, analytics play crucial role in business promotion

Succeeding on the web is not easy. Tips and tricks may help, but not always. You need to know how to get your business around the world using the world wide web. Startups and people from marketing backgrounds who are just looking to start their career, should attend this workshop organized by Google, focusing on AdWords and Analytics. This training could be an asset to those who attend.

The Detail

This workshop will train you on how to use Google AdWords and Analytics. As a member of a startup ecosystem, you will be trained on how to use Google AdWords in running a campaign and how to choose your keywords, when you need to keep it active and when to keep inactive. Since it’s a premium marketing service, it’s not free and you may end up paying for people who can randomly stumble upon your website just to see what it is. So, do join to learn to spend your marketing budget more wisely using the correct methodologies.

What you will learn

As a participant , you will learn to setup an AdWords campaign by learning how to choose the right and effective keywords in order to achieve the desired results. To run a successful campaign, cost control is the key aspect and as a trainee, you will be taught to monitor the incoming website traffic using google analytics and see where the visitors come from and what exactly they do on your webpage. At the end of this workshop, you will be able to plan and strategize ways, to increase conversions from the running campaigns for your website, based on the data achieved from analytics.

When, Where and How much?

The workshop is scheduled by Google to be held on the September 27, 2015 at 91Springboard, Plot # 44, Behind Jubilee Ridge, Phase 1, Kavuri Hills, Hyderabad , Telangana from 10am to 5pm.

The price is less for those attending in groups, while it is more in the case of individuals. The early bird offer is open till September 19, 2015. After this date, the price would increase from 699 INR to 999 INR per head. If you are an individual, a fee of 999 INR is charged upto September 19, 2015 and thereafter the price would increase to 1499 INR. Tea, snacks and lunch coupons are included in the ticket price. If you wish to have more details, please contact us on  +91 9985032005.


The session ends by 5:00pm and participants wishing to stay back for a Q & A session are welcome.

Syed Hussaini

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