Google apps for work. Checkout at a webinar

Google Apps for Work

Google apps for work has now integrated itself to different devices

Google is a giant, which does not require any introduction. Apart from the world famous search engine and instant messenger applications, Google is also known for its innovations in many other streams.

The giant has its verticals in various user-inspired applications like Hangouts, G Drive, Google Docs and many more. The main objective of these technologies is to develop google apps for work. These services are very handy, user friendly and can be used from any place which has an internet connection with sufficient bandwidth.

Google has become an essential part of life. We use YouTube to browse videos, Google Maps to navigate, Hangouts as Instant messenger, video chat and VoIP ( voice-over internet protocol). Applications like Google Drive, Gmail and Google Docs are now being used on a very wide scale commercially.

With view to familiarising users with the latest developments on google technologies from the users’ perspective, join the webinar – Google Atmosphere 2015. The webinar on google apps for work is slated for October 21, 2015 at 10.30 am – 11.30 am. Do not miss this opportunity, for a wise man once said “Knowledge is Power.”

Google apps for work is now being used in five million organizations — big and small. This includes more than 60 per cent of Fortune 500 Companies. Revised versions of the applications are now integrated with Google Drive, so that it stores all our information on Google Drive automatically. This advent of integrating the cloud services is beneficial to many.

Google Docs gives you the opportunity to generate reports using documents, sheets and many such other features. This can be easily integrated with any windows operating system or a Mac. The option of going Mobile is one of the best integrations that Google has developed. With this, users will be able to access apps like hangouts, Gmail and other documents through an Office suite. This mobility allows the users to work from any place.

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