6 tips for event organizers this Navaratri season

Tips to host a successful dandiya event with event tech

Make your Dandiya night a big success with these must have tips.

Organizing a Dandiya event is an expensive affair with licenses, permissions, venues to be finalized, artists, troupes, costumes, lighting and décor.As an event costs a bomb to an organiser, a lot of focus must be laid on return on investment for which effective promotion is the key. This can draw a larger crowds.

Here are six important tips to make your Dandiya night a big success.

Tips for Dandiya event

Don’t compromise on talent

Dandiya isn’t just a run-of-the-mill event. It is colourful and have an enthusiastic crowd throng the event and shake their leg. And, it’s for you to provide the cue. Here in this case what acts as the cue is the music. So try to rope in the best in class performers to enthral and engage your audience. You can’t have an international artiste or an EDM celebrity for a Dandiya event. It has to have that cultural connect with the crowds. So, consider roping in popular folk and Garba singers like Falguni Pathak, Atul Purohit, Preeti Pinky and Archana Dave to headline the show at your Dandiya event. It may cost a few bucks more. So what, you are sure to reap rich dividends, as the patrons would not mind spending at the festival times.

Stock up on Supplies

Attending a Dandiya night or event can be a split second decision. Your event must lure the participants. Coupled with a dash of attraction in the form of a renowned artist, embellish the event by opening a tuckshop to sell Dandiya sticks, costumes, joothis, jhumkas, bangles and other accessories at your venue.

Leverage event tech  

Avoid the last minute guessing game and promote your event using better data. Online ticketing can help event organizers get data on the attendees. The organizers can message event details, venue, updated line-up info, special offers to their attendees to build a word-of-mouth publicity.MeraEvents can provide attendee data and handle on-site ticketing using the latest box office technology. Ticketing and tracking entry becomes easy with event tech and this same information can be used for targeted promotions,sponsorship, footfall tracking, decision making regarding stalls and deciding on the venue. Effective data helps event organizers make better decisions for their Dandiya night.

Timing is the key

Not everyone has the time or inclination to attend a nine-day event. Dot the schedule with two or three amazing days with a packed line-up for a better footfall. Or, you may go thematic. Two days for children, two days exclusively for women in the dance area,  and the remaining days too you can create forest theme, modern glowstick theme and redefine the way Dandiya is organised.  

Ticketing and online promotion.

Partner with an online events platform to ensure visibility. Online marketing is the key to tapping into your target audience. This must be the top priority for event organizers. Associating with a ticketing partner for visibility and promotion across social media ensures direct conversions. This also does away with the headache of having separate teams handling ticketing and promotions. Meraevents.com has handled big ticket Navaratri events like Namdhari Gaurav Navratri Utsav, Dussehra Hungama at Ramoji Film City, Rasleela Dandiya and other successful Navaratri events for ticketing and promotions.

Décor can make or break your event

Make sure your event is a cut above the rest with your décor.The entire venue must be well lit and always plan the nitty gritty of the decor beforehand, from the fabrics to be sourced to the furnishings, from curtains, draperies, tablecloths to the lighting. Make sure every small detail is in keeping with the overall theme. Popular themes are Gold, Red, Folksy, Bejeweled fabrics and drapes.

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